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Feels like i've fallen

out of faith and into Knowledge

23 December 1967
those who know who i am know all there is to know.. .if you are new to this blog, then you will learn what you need to soon

Ok, i have a few new friends, soooooo.....

I'm a 40 yr old single dad... I have been divorced since Jan 12, 2000... i am pagan (wicca)... I am trying to rebuild my dj service... I have a teenaged son and a 12 year old autistic son

Yes, i am single and looking, but my friends are few and far between, mostly online... i have almost NO real life friends because i have a bad tendancy to frighten people because i seldom smile, i speak my mind, i tell the truth, and i am a rather Large fellow. You can accept me as i am, or you can not. The choice is yours to make. I will not try to make you like me, i will only be myself.

New update for old and new friends

Yes, i flirt. Yes i make silly comments. But let this be PERFECTLY clear

I am single FOR A REASON. That reason is mine and mine alone. I dont need the Drama of relationships, people that might feel attachements to anyone i might ever THINK about persuing, or these people themselves. If you cant handle being flirted with, tell me. The approriate measures will be taken.

As for your "friends" coming to the rescue for you, here is there ONE and only warning.

I hold a long and very pointed grudge to those who piss me off. And you dont want to know the depths of my wrath. So be careful what you ask for, cause you might just get it.

some of you that have decided to test my limits and continued to push after my polite warning... you are going to get your wish.

"What you stole, I would have given freely" - Tori Amos

Tori Amos is love!

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