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Please Help this poor puppy

To all you animal lovers....

My Best friend just experienced a Horrific accident with her beloved doggie. Apparently he was rolling in the grass and got too close to a lawn mower which shattered his leg and required emergancy surgery. Its going to take about 2000 dollars to pay the vet to save his leg and the casts and everything else, so i am doing the only thing i can and asking for help.

Merlyn and my late KITY were actually friends, and i know she would be happy if people would help to make Merlyn better. Any help will be appricated.

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Public Service Announcement

Doctors are now recomending if you see a heart attack victim, PLEASE use the hands only CPR... it increases the chance of survival by 3x.
In this day and age of "who has what" it seems like a much safer bet as well.

will look up the medical journals for backup but just heard it in passing on my tv news so thought i better pass that around.
wtf cat

a request to ALL of LIVE JOURNAL

i am even going to make this public.....

This is JUST a site to meet pople and have fun... ITS NOT REAL LIFE


If you MUST get serious, check in on a friend that feels down, or go tell someone you miss that you still care.

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god i love people

i made a semi humorous, semi serious post in my Tori Amos community about looking for a date to the concert... and some chick Jumped me for my interests in Wendys boob posse and big boobs.

Suddenly since i have friends who Show off thier bodies, im some sort of Sicko pervert and am into and i quote
"sexplotation and de-humanizing women"

for those of you that are NEW to my life, yes i USED to work in Adult clubs as a DJ in both topless and TOTAL nude clubs. I have well over 25 people i can call friends that have appeared in Playboy, Penthouse, or some other manner of mens magazines. Does this mean i am OBSESSED with naked women??? no.

ANYONE that has met me within the Past 10 years knows that naked women dont DO much for me. I had soooo much over-exposure to the female body, for a While i even started to think i had turned GAY i was soooo tired of seeing it. I have pissed off SOOO many dancers that tried to "get me excited" by literally yawning in thier breasts, and yet some people still want to believe thats all i live for.

I still stand by a statement i made about 9 years ago.

"I BELIEVE, THAT EACH AND EVERY MALE OVER THE AGE OF 19 SHOULD BE FORCED, NOT ASKED, FORCED TO WORK AT A NUDE OR TOPLESS CLUB FOR 2 MONTHS OF THEIR LIFE. Cause of course, the first week will be all "YAHOO!!" until week 2 comes along.... then they will start to think, theres nothing bad about this.....until about a MONTH passes by and they Realize, this is a job, and its not fun anymore. By that 7th week, they will be begging women to keep thier clothes on."

and once they learn this, they will Never look at women the same way again.

but then again, if someone isnt going to take the time to know ME, well thats thier loss.

I would rather people know the REAL me, warts and all than to judge me on some pretty lie.
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Last call

This is Your OFFICAL request of me to ask you to stay on my list.... This Journal as of Midnight tonight, will be a Friends Only Post

If you want to be added, accept the terms of being MY friend, speak here and tell me.